Tuesday, December 22, 2009

India Going to Mars


Mumbai: A feasibility report done by the Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) has established that India has the capability to go on a mission to Mars, said former ISRO chariman, G Madhavan Nair. He was speaking during the last day of the international symposium on "science and technology at the frontiers" at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) on Saturday.

"Various concepts are emerging to look at Mars and the nearby objects like asteroids and comets. A feasibility study by Isro has established that India has the capability to go to Mars. Our Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) can be used to launch a Mars mission," said Nair.

NASA has been talking about going to Mars to look for microbes for the last decade while studioiusly pretending to ignore unambiguous evidence of a former civilization there.

I mean, cities interest me; germs don't. I can find germs in my toilet bowl without spending billions of dollars. Then again, perhaps the idea is for NASA to go there and investigate the germs while Indian astronauts investigate those Cydonia megaliths.

Kind of like Pushkin's fairytale about the three sisters who wanted to be the tsaritsa...

First girl: "Кабы я была царица, Говорит одна девица, tо на весь крещеный мир, Приготовила б я пир".

If I were the tsaritsa, I would cook/prepare a gigantic feast for the entire Christian world.

Second girl: "Кабы я была царица, Говорит ее сестрица, То на весь бы мир одна, Наткала я полотна".

I would knit a gigantic blanket for the entire world.

Third sister: "Кабы я была царица, Третья молвила сестрица, Я б для батюшки-царя, Родила богатыря".

"Were I the Tsaritsa, then for our father the Tsar would I bear a noble son."

Try to guess which of these three Tsar Saltan selects as his bride, and which two get to be the cook and the seamstress.....

The story is a parable about understanding what kinds of things are important, and what kinds are not. Again there is now a possibility that the feebs at NASA might be up there on Mars looking for germs while Indian astronauts investigate those megaliths at Cydonia.